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Why Choose a Dual-Sided Mattress?

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Why Choose a Dual-Sided Mattress?

People spend about 1/3 of their day on their bed than on any other piece of furniture in their home; that’s why choosing the right mattress is important. When you choose for a mattress, commonly you’ll be asked what size and if you’d like a single-sided or a dual-sided one.

Unlike single-sided mattresses, dual-sided mattresses are designed to be flipped. This means you can sleep on both sides unlike single-sided mattresses, which are only designed for sleeping on one side. Usually, dual-sided mattresses are manufactured to have similar mattress materials on both sides but there or other dual-sided mattresses that are designed to have different firmness levels on both sides.

If you’re not yet sure if dual-sided mattress is the right mattress for you, let’s take a look of why you should consider choosing a dual-sided mattress on your next purchase:

Longer Lifespan

Every mattress has a life expectancy and most of single-sided mattresses would last between 7-10 years. With proper maintenance, dual-sided mattresses can last longer since they are designed to be flipped. Flipping this gives the first side a breather to regain its form and work itself out, and provides an even more distribution of wear and tear.

Value for Money

Since dual-sided mattress lasts longer, you can save up more when you choose to buy one. Aside from this, some dual-sided mattresses can have different firmness level on each side giving you 2 kinds of mattress in a purchase of 1.

More Comfortable Options

It’s a bit cliché to say that mattresses can give you comfort; but with a dual-sided mattress, you will always feel comfortable no matter which side you’re sleeping on. Dual-sided mattress, like the Well Bee Mattress, can give you both the balance of comfort and support that you need when you sleep. It also combines both soft and firm side which you can choose depending on your style of sleep.

Reduce Environmental Waste

As reported last December 2020, around 1.6 to 1.8 million mattresses are sent to landfill, where each mattress takes up 0.75 cubic metres of space. Since dual-sided mattresses lasts longer, you won’t be replacing it as often. This can reduce waste and will hugely help the environment.


These are just some of the benefits you can get if you decide to choose and use a dual-sided mattress. And if you’re looking for a perfect dual-mattress for you, check out Well Bee Mattress that’s designed for everyone. If you’re not sure if your body wants a firm or a soft mattress when sleeping, Well Bee Mattress can help you with that. 

Aside from getting both of these benefits in one mattress, you can also help with the nature when choosing Well Bee. Every mattress sold will help fund Wheen Bee Foundation in protecting Australia’s bees.

With dual purpose comes dual happiness. Shop for a Well Bee Mattress here.

Alyssa Villamil

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