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Keep your body at its best.

The Well Bee Mattress is the foundation for your new state of sleep.

The Well Bee Mattress

Elevate your nights with a mattress that combines patented health technology with an innovative, dual-sided design.

Dual-Sided Mattress

Silky-soft or pleasantly firm – how you sleep is up to you.

Celliant® Technology

Both sides are layered with Celliant to increase circulation.

Made for Health

The Well Bee Mattress rejuvenates your body while you sleep.

Superior Sleep

Eight layers. Eight hours. Sleep has never felt this good.

We wanted to create the perfect mattress.

Most mattresses are just mattresses. They’re something soft to lie on at night, and that’s it.
We wanted to make a mattress that was different. We wanted to make an experience.

So we started researching. We found the best foams and the best gels. We built something that felt amazing and delivered even better support.

But it wasn’t enough. It was good, but it wasn’t different.

So we scrapped our idea. We went back to the basics – to nature.

And we found inspiration in the unlikeliest of places.


Just like us, bees are social creatures, driven by purpose, and, just like us, they spend up to a third of their day sleeping.


Because sleep makes them better. They work more efficiently, they communicate better, and their memories function properly.

Their health, and the health of their hive, depends on their sleep.

And that’s when we realised – a mattress shouldn’t just be about comfort. It should be about improving every aspect of health.

The perfect mattress makes us better. It makes us feel stronger, more alert, more energetic. When we sleep on it, we sleep deeply, and we sleep well. When we wake, we’re ready to tackle anything life throws at us.

So we took the elements that produce good sleep – support, temperature regulation, comfort – and we combined them with antimicrobial copper gel and Celliant, a patented fibre with a range of passive health benefits.

We tried out the result. It was amazing. But not perfect. Two of our team members like to sleep on their stomachs. They thought it was too soft.

We needed one final innovation to make it a mattress that everyone could use. So we decided to give it two sides. One soft, one firm.

A dual-sided mattress that rejuvenates you as you sleep.


1 Supercharged sleep surface - Adaptive Layer

Maximum Airflow Support Foam

- Includes Surface Modification Technology (SMT), where the foam density varies along the length of the mattress, with higher density in the regions which require more support
- Soft and supportive
- Variable support for high compression areas

Enjoy the comfort provided by the 7.5cm (3inch) Airflow Support Layer, constructed with surface modification technology, giving more support where it's needed most.

2 Tech-infused comfort – Cooling Antimicrobial Layer

Copper Infused Memory Foam

- Antimicrobial odour control with copper
- Rapid cooling and body heat transfer
- Includes deep channelling (ridges and bumps) to maximise airflow for additional cooling

Microscopic, copper-infused gel particles are infused into the cellular structure of the foam within this 5cm (2inch) layer. Copper naturally provides protection against viruses and microbial growth to prevent odours and stains in the product.

3 Precision-engineered foam comfort – High Support Layer

Support Core Foam

- Movement transfer control to ensure midnight snack escapades don't disturb your partner
- Minimal bounce
- High quality memory foam ensures your mattress will last and last

A 10cm (4inch) support core is engineered to ensure maximum support, no matter which side of the mattress you choose! No compromise on support or comfort for either the firm or medium-soft side of your Well Bee mattress.

4 Adaptive Float Layer

Copper Infused Cool-Gel Adaptive Memory Foam

- Top adaptive layer for those who prefer a firm mattress
- Supportive comfort layer of cool-gel memory foam
- Inclusive of antimicrobial odour control with copper

A mattress for everybody.


The Well Bee mattress is layered with Celliant, a health technology that uses a patented science-backed process to convert body heat to infrared energy. The result? Improved circulation, better temperature regulation, and faster muscle recovery.

Max Airflow Support Foam

A layer of max airflow support foam completes the soft side of the Well Bee Mattress. With deep channelling to improve heat dispersal and Surface Modification Technology to reduce mattress pressure, it’s the perfect design feature for side and back sleepers.

Low-Density Thermo-Gel

As the heat dispersal effects of Celliant kick in, a layer of low-density Thermo-Gel beneath absorbs any residual body heat. Sleeping on a Well Bee Mattress means no summer sweat, even when the air con’s broken.

Copper Gel Memory Foam

Working in conjunction with the Thermo-Gel and the Celliant, a layer of copper gel-infused memory foam helps provide total body support and minimises motion transfer to your partner. The presence of antimicrobial copper particles also helps disperse heat and prevent bacteria, keeping your Well Bee Mattress odourless and germ-free.

Support Foam Core

The soft and hard sides of the Well Bee Mattress are linked by a support foam core. This four-inch foam layer minimises motion transfer and bounce – toss, turn and change position without disturbing your partner.

High-Density Thermo-Gel

As the heat dispersal effects of Celliant kick in, a layer of low-density Thermo-Gel beneath absorbs any residual body heat. Sleeping on a Well Bee Mattress means no summer sweat, even when the air con’s broken.

Pick your side.

Choosing the perfect mattress isn’t easy.  It’s hard to find that balance of comfort and support – lying down on a mattress for five minutes in a store isn’t the same as spending eight hours a night on it.

That’s why we’ve given you two chances to get it right.  Our innovative dual-sided design combines soft and firm in the same exceptional mattress, so you and your partner can pick the side that suits your style of sleep.

Side or back sleeper?  The Well Bee Mattress’s soft side cradles you in four layers of Celliant, gel and foam, even as the copper particles in the memory foam compress to provide you with total, full-body support.

The Well Bee Mattress’s firm side is for stomach sleepers – we’ve stripped back the support foam so you won’t sink in, but kept the Celliant, Thermo-Gel and memory foam for an equally luxurious experience.

Your mattress.  Your choice.  Pick the side that’s right for you.

Support your body. Support your health.

You spend eight out of every 24 hours on your mattress.  That’s 56 hours a week.  2,912 hours a year.  

No-one should spend that much time lying on something that’s bad for their body.

The Well Bee Mattress combines full-body support and antimicrobial copper gel with Celliant, a patented health technology that works as you sleep.  Celliant converts body heat to infrared energy, stimulating your cells to enhance muscle recovery, increase cell oxygenation, and induce faster sleep.   

We made a mattress that promotes your health because the time you spend sleeping should be more than just eight hours of lying down.  

Sleep can be a time for healing.  Make it that way with the Well Bee Mattress.   

Health is a state of mind and body.

Stay Healthy

Celliant, antimicrobial copper particles, and eight layers of support combine to keep your whole body healthy.

Be Energised

Celliant increases cell oxygenation so you wake up each morning feeling invigorated.

Recover Faster

Surface Modification Technology, Celliant and memory foam all work together to provide even support and enhance muscle recovery.

Sleep Soundly

Wake up each morning feeling better than when you went to sleep. That’s the Well Bee promise.

You don’t need a 120-night trial.

Some mattress brands offer 120-night free trials.

We don’t.

Why?  Because the Well Bee Mattress was designed for everyone.  That’s why we made it dual-sided.           

You don’t need to waste time organising an exchange, or spending hours browsing the internet for a replacement.  

Just flip your mattress over.  It’s that simple.

Even if neither the firm nor soft side of the Well Bee Mattress is right for you, just contact our Customer Happiness team.

Refunds, exchanges, credit – we’ll do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face.

Some common questions about the Well Bee mattress

Why is the Well Bee Mattress better?

Thanks for asking! The Well Bee mattress beats out the competition in 3 ways. Topping the list is the way the Well Bee mattress can be flipped. With two comfort levels in one mattress, you can choose the firmness that suits you best. Additionally, enjoy a cooler, cleaner rest with copper infused memory foam throughout your Well Bee mattress. Wrapping it all up, literally, is the fibre technology of Celliant® in your Well Bee mattress cover. The Well Bee Mattress uses Celliant® technology to increase local circulation when you’re sleeping.

What's the warranty on my Well Bee mattress?

Your mattress is built to last! As such enjoy a 10-Year warranty on your mattress.

The warranty covers loss of shape, splitting or cracking of the memory foam and loss of mattress height, and if you have any issues you can reach out to our Customer Happiness Team. Refunds, exchanges, credit – we’ll do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face.

I'm excited! How long will it take to receive my Well Bee mattress?

Once you have placed your order our Customer Happiness Team will get their buzz on and confirm all your details and your purchase and delivery requirements, which will take 3-5 days. Once your mattress is shipped it will depend on your address and shipping location, however typically delivery is within 5 business days.

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Improving the state of your sleep has never been easier.

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Celliant® bedding products are designated as Class 1 Medical Devices and have been notified on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and the New Zealand Web Assisted Notification of Devices (WAND).
Celliant® Fibre is manufactured by Hologenix, LLC, 17383 Sunset Blvd Suite A420 Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, USA. Celliant® is a registered trademark of Hologenix, LLC. In Australia, Celliant® is sponsored by Perform-Tex Australasia, PO Box 1083, Hartwell, Victoria 3124, Australia. In New Zealand, Celliant® is sponsored by Perform-Tex Australasia, 75 Boston Road Mt Eden, Auckland 1023 PO Box 96016 Auckland 1342.

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