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What We Do And Who We Are?

When we created Well Bee, we drew inspiration from nature’s tiny pollinators. But native Australian bees – just like bees around the world – are a species under siege.


Viruses, climate change, exotic pests, overdevelopment and pesticides are killing our bees at a terrifying rate. In some parts of the world, bee populations have dropped by a third since 2013.


We don’t want that to happen in Australia too.


Bees are a keystone of our environment, and, without them, entire ecosystems will be wiped out – including many of the crops that our farmers grow. We believe that Australian’s care about our food security, and how we can enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle without damaging ourselves or our environment.


That is why our mission here at Well Bee is to bring conscious wellness choices closer. By partnering with passionate businesses and individuals we believe we can all raise each other up and support holistic health together!


Through direct collaboration with likeminded businesses, and development of our unique Well Bee range of products, we believe that every small step towards holistic health, is a step worth taking!

Why don't Well Bee Mattresses come with a trial period?

Some mattress brands offer 120-night free trials.

We don’t.

Why? Because the Well Bee Mattress was designed for everyone. That’s why we made it dual-sided.

You don’t need to waste time organising an exchange, or spending hours browsing the internet for a replacement.

Just flip your mattress over. It’s that simple.

Even if neither the firm nor soft side of the Well Bee Mattress is right for you, just contact our Customer Happiness team.

Refunds, exchanges, credit – we’ll do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face.

How can my business partner with Well Bee?

Core to our Well Bee mission is our commitment to partnering with passionate businesses and individuals who are as committed to holistic health and wellness as we are.

If this sounds like you, please send through a ‘hello’ to our team at

Shipping and Delivery

For most addresses within states and territories in Australia, shipping and delivery of your Well Bee Mattress or Well Bee sheet set comes with no additional cost to you!

Pay no extra for shipping for deliveries within*:

  • Queensland,
  • New South Wales,
  • South Australia,
  • Australian Capital Territory,
  • Western Australia and
  • Victoria.

If you need delivery outside these areas, please contact our friendly Customer Happiness Team prior to purchasing to get a quote on delivery costs.


*Well Bee do our best to ensure delivery is free at no additional costs, within our listed states and territories, but sometimes, for challenging deliveries or difficult locations, like the beautiful Thursday Island in Far North Queensland, or the stunning Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, and other beautiful places in our wide brown land, are just tricky to deliver to!

Some of these locations may require extra efforts and preparation for delivery. If you live somewhere we will find difficult to deliver to, our Customer Happiness Team will contact you directly.

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