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Mental Health

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Here are 15 ‘5-Minute’ Self-Care Ideas You Can Do

Most people think about self-care as spending your whole day pampering yourself, reading a book and eating delicious food. But in reality, with the weekday work and weekend chores, we don't have that much time for a full splurge. But this doesn't mean that you should all-together forget about taking care of yourself. With only 5 minutes of your time, you can do these self-care ideas if you like to take a quick break and feel like yourself again. 1. Listen to your Favorite Song Open up your favorite artist's album and play that song. Listening to music can help boost up your mood and make you feel good.  Music has become more than just a form of entertainment— it has become a source of therapy to some...


Important Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Nowadays, a busy lifestyle have made our life more vulnerable. We have become so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves, including our mental health. Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. People tend to ignore it if we even try to talk about mental health mostly. We just need some emotional support to go through this tough phase. If we don’t address the problems that affect our mental health on time, then it can lead to several disorders. Some of them are Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, and many more. How to Know About Mental Health Problems These are some signs and symptoms to know if you are suffering from Mental Health Problems Mood Swings Have you ever experience feeling great one minute and suddenly being down the...


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