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How Do Bees Make Honey? A Step-By-Step of How Honey Is Made

Honey is nature’s dessert – free, readily available, and downright delicious.   For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the sticky sweetness found inside beehives, and, today, the honey industry is valued at US$8–9 billion worldwide. Of course, for as long as we’ve been eating honey, we’ve also been wondering: how exactly do bees create it? We’re going to walk you through the step-by-step process of how bees make honey, as well as answer interesting questions like why bees make honey, and what they do with it.  Keep reading to learn all about this delicious natural treat.   Do all bees make honey? There are over 16,000 species of bees that we know about across the world, but only one of them makes honey harvested by humans: Apis mellifera, or...


Why Are Honey Bees Important for the Environment?

Most of us aren’t fans of being stung or bitten by insects.  Ultra-painful bee stings?  No thanks.    If you’ve ever been the victim of an apparently unprovoked attack, you’ve probably wondered what the big deal is about bees.  Why is killing one considered environmental sacrilege on par with tossing plastic bags into the ocean? At Well Bee, we love bees – and not just because they make honey.  It turns out that these tiny winged insects are actually responsible for maintaining the health of our planet in several different ways.   In this article, we’re going to walk you through exactly why bees are so important, and why you shouldn’t slap one out of the air because you think it might sting you.  We’ll cover concepts like pollination, genetic...

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Do Bees Sleep?

If you’ve ever looked at a bee and wondered if it curls up and has a sleep at night like the rest of us, you’re not alone. We were curious too, so we did some research.   The answer: yes, bees do sleep. It turns out that, just like humans, bees hit the mattress when it gets dark and wake up with the sunrise.  Keep reading to find out how bees sleep, where they sleep, and just how long they snooze for each night. How do bees sleep? Scientists have found that bees actually sleep in a way that’s very similar to humans and other mammals.   Their muscles relax, their body temperatures lower, they more or less stop moving, their breathing slows, and they even adopt sleeping positions – their heads droop...


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