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Bee Cause Program

Who We Are And What We Do

They inspired us, and now we’re giving back

When we created Well Bee, we drew inspiration from nature’s tiny pollinators.
But native Australian bees – just like bees around the world – are a species under siege.

Viruses, climate change, exotic pests, overdevelopment and pesticides are killing our bees at a terrifying rate. In some parts of the world, bee populations have dropped by a third since 2013.

We don’t want that to happen in Australia too.

Bees are a keystone of our environment, and, without them, entire ecosystems will be wiped out – including many of the crops that our farmers grow.

So we’re taking a stand. Each mattress we sell helps fund Wheen Bee Foundation, a charity dedicated to protecting Australia’s bees.

A future without pollination is a future without colour.

So stand with us, and help save our bees.

Allies in the fight for our bees

We’ve partnered with Wheen Bee Foundation as a Blue Business Buddy to protect Australia’s bee species.

Wheen Bee are Australia’s only not-for-profit charity advocating for the importance of bees in food security. The money they raise funds research addressing the national and global crises facing bees.

Meet who we’re fighting for

The Western Honey Bee

The western honey bee isn’t native to Australia, but this black-and-yellow insect is responsible for commercial honey creation, bringing in over $100 million each year to Australia’s agricultural industry.

Fact: Over the course of its 28-day lifespan, a single honey bee produces about one tablespoon of honey.    

The Australian Blue-Banded Bee

With a black abdomen and metallic blue stripes, the Australian blue-banded bee is one of our most distinctive native species.

Fact: Blue-banded bees live by themselves in burrows instead of hives, but many often build their burrows in the same area, forming a kind of bee village.

The Australian Stingless Bee

The Australian stingless bee is a tiny black insect that’s nearly a quarter of the size of a normal honey bee. 

Fact: Stingless bees don’t have stings!  You can keep them in your backyard without worrying about pets or special equipment.

The Great Carpenter Bee

The great carpenter bee is our largest native bee, growing up to 24 millimetres in length.  Females have yellow waistcoats and black abdomens, while males are covered in soft golden fur.     

Fact: The great carpenter bee gets its name from the way it drills nests in soft wood. 

…and over 2,000 other native bee species.

Over 2,000 native bee species work to pollinate our country, contributing an estimated $14.2 billion per year in value to Australia’s agricultural industry. 

How You Can Contribute

Buy Australian honey

Buying Australian honey helps keep our honey industry alive.

Plant a bee-friendly garden

Plant trees, shrubs and flowers that bees love to feed on.

Avoid pesticides

Buy pesticide-free food and avoid using chemicals in your garden.

Buy a Well Bee Mattress

Buying a Well Bee Mattress supports both our bees and your health.

Our support in action.

Learn about bees and how they contribute to a healthy environment.

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