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7 Ways on How You Can Look After Your Bed and Mattress

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7 Ways on How You Can Look After Your Bed and Mattress

Sleep is one of the most important activities in your daily life that has a great impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Hence, getting a good night’s sleep can help you stay on top of your health and achieve your goals efficiently.  

Of course, to get a good sleep you need to ensure that you only use the best mattress that can help ease your pain and support your postureA mattress plays a crucial role in our ability to sleep well and yet many still overlook its importance and keep on using a mattress that can’t provide enough support and comfort. 

From cleaning to prevention, a little care and maintenance can go a long way in keeping your mattress last longer and save you money over time. We’ve listed down below ways that can help you maintain the quality of your bed and mattress.

1. Give Your Mattress Adequate Support

To reduce the chances of early wear and tear to the mattress, you must ensure that your mattress is supported correctly. Most spring mattresses will need box springs whereas firm and solid support are required for memory foam mattresses and other specialty mattresses.  

You can ensure that you are giving the right support to the mattress by checking the manufacturer’s requirements and warranty policy. This will give you the right idea of how to support your mattress.  

Apart from the mattress, your bed must also be built in a way that it can take the weight of the mattress and sleepers. If you have queen or king-size beds, they must have a middle support bar whereas platform beds can have wider slates for extended support.

2. Regularly Wash Your Bed Linens

When you are sleeping, your body releases oils, sweat, skin, and hair cells and these elements stick to your bed linens and allow more dirt to stick to them. Bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets should be washed regularly, ideally every two weeks. 

Moreover, the dirt on your bed linens can be transferred to the internal layers of your mattress which givemore reason for build-up of dirt and dust mites which can cause allergic reactions in your body.

3. Always Use a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are a great way to reduce the build-up of dirt and allergens on your bed and mattress. These protectors give waterproof protection; so, if you have kids who tend to spill things on the bed, cleaning it will be a snap and your mattress will stay protected.  

Mattress protectors also prevent the transfer of body oils, sweat, dirt, and dust into the mattress layers allowing you to maintain it longer.

4. Regularly Rotate Your Mattress

Another way is to rotate your mattress regularly every two to six months. This is especially important when you have bought a new mattress and you are just breaking into it.

Rotating your mattress 180 degrees will promote even wear and tear in the mattress. It will not create uneven softening or depressions. This is important for mattresses of all materials and sizes.

5. Get Your Pets Their Own Beds

Pets have a habit of snuggling with you in your bed. But just like you shed body oils, sweat, hair, and skin, so do your pets. And that just adds to all the dirt that has been gathering on your mattress.  

To ensure that your mattress stays in the best shape, it would be wise to give your pets separate beds to sleep in. This will also allow them to have a good sleep and to you too.

6. Be Careful When You Move Your Mattress

Are you going to move to a new home? Make sure to carefully transfer your mattress to avoid any damage. Place your mattress in bag covers or plastic when moving to keep dirt and water away from your mattress along with preventing any scratches and scuffs while transfer. This can also prevent bed bugs, and keep your mattress in its best condition. Make sure to keep your mattress upright on the side to avoid sagging and creasing in your mattress.

7. Read and Follow Manufacturer’s Instruction For Cleaning

The mattress manufacturer will surely give you a few pointers on how to clean your mattress in certain conditions. Make sure you read those instructions and follow them when needed. Usually, when it comes to stain removal, the manufacturer will give you specific instructions.  

However, for regular cleaning they might suggest you use the hose attachment of vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust and dirt. Every mattress will have some standard and specific cleaning instructions. Make sure you keep a note of it.


You can follow these seven ways to ensure that your mattress and bed are maintained in the best shape for longer use. And if you are looking for a new mattress, you can check out Well Bee Mattress. 

With our innovative dual-sided mattress, you can get the balance of both comfort and support on whichever side that suits your style of sleep. Shop now here.

Alyssa Villamil

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